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"Excellent presentation last nite, loved your portrayal of ‘one little step’ - great for visual & audio people & a great memory hook. Loved the way you used your voice, facial expression and gestures. In the last segment of your speech you were far more relaxed & stood mainly in the one place except when you ‘took one little step’ which I thought was very powerful."

- Robyn Greer
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Petition Calling On The Government To Ban mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings

To The House of Representatives: Recognizing that the Ministry of Health has a public duty to protect citizens and to promote their health, we the undersigned do respectfully request that the House urge the Government to:

  • IMMEDIATELY BAN mercury amalgam: In children up to and including 18 years of age, In pregnant and lactating women, In patients with renal or immune system impairment, In patients with proven or demonstrable mercury sensitivity/allergy, In patients with a present or past history of mercury toxicity, Under gold crowns, When placed above endodontically treated teeth (root canal teeth).
  • PHASE OUT amalgam usage in all other patients over a five year period from January 2008 to December 2013.
  • ENSURE all existing dental nurses and new dental graduates are competent in replacing amalgam fillings with composite restorations.
  • ALLOW DENTISTS TO INFORM patients of the potential mercury toxicity from amalgam, without professional censure. This will enable full informed consent before amalgams are placed, over the next five years and be sufficient to discharge dental liability.
  • PROVIDE STATE FUNDING for safe dental amalgam removal and subsequent treatment for a patient holding a community services card, in whom mercury toxicity has been diagnosed by a registered medical or naturopathic practitioner.
  • PROVIDE STATE FUNDING for 50% of the costs of safe dental amalgam removal and subsequent treatment when a patient so diagnosed with mercury toxicity does not have a community services card.
  • PROVIDE PUBLIC RESEARCH to determine: The extent of human mercury toxicity in New Zealand, including the cost of NOT treating patients so diagnosed, The safety, efficacy and biocompatibility of new composites.

Download the petition form here>>
As Parliament requires a hard copy, once complete, post to:

Juliet Pratt
PO Box 147 009
Ponsonby Auckland

Juliet Pratt Speaker Auckland

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